about us

Committed to Sustainable Beef Production

Mandayen Limousin stud is operated by the Gommers family at Murray Bridge and Keith in South Australia.

Established in 1995 the stud now has the largest breeding herd in Australia and annually calves down over 300 performance recorded, registered Limousin  females, 150 registered Angus and a recipient herd of 150 Angus & Limflex cows. The female herd runs on 6000 acres just north of Keith on predominately Lucerne and veldt grass pastures. Our operation is commercially orientated and all females are expected to rear a calf every year.

We produce seedstock that will improve both the productivity and sustainability of your cowherd and aim to be a source of high performing Limousin genetics. At Mandayen we are always looking to identify cattle with the genetic potential to improve the bottom line profitability of our client’s beef businesses.


Mandayen produces apricot, red and black polled Limousins with outstanding docility and structural correctness. We combine natural softness with thickness, muscle definition and high yielding capabilities. Mandayen has shown cattle in the past and 2005 was our final and possibly most successful year in the ring. We had champion ribbons awarded at the SA Junior Heifer Expo, Adelaide Show and Melbourne Royal. Although we no longer exhibit cattle it has been pleasing to see our genetics continuing to be accepted positively in the show ring for their owners.

Through our AI and ET program we began working towards our inaugural auction sale, which was held in February 2006. The highlight of this sale was the offering of the first ‘Cookie Monster’ progeny in this country with his first 14 sons sold to the sale top of $16,000 and averaged a very solid $6,732.

Always seeking improvement and forever on the lookout for the new AI or herd sires to enhance our breeding objectives, we secured in partnership the semen rights to “Wulfs Nobel Prize” in 2006. He has been a successful sire with a son being the Supreme exhibit and selling for $20,000 at the 2012 Limousin National Show & Sale.


In 2006 we purchased the entire Ramornie herd from Rick Tindal, Wagga, NSW. The Ramornie herd was established in 1989 through the importation of top bloodline embryos from Wulfs Limousin Farms in the USA. These cattle blended ideally with our own, having a lot of performance, great maternal strengths and very good docility.

Our first calves by Hunt Mr Jock were born in 2008. This sire transmits excellent growth, carcase and maternal qualities. His sons are structurally correct, thick and easy doing while his daughters calve easily, milk well and wean heavy calves. Mr Jock has been the most influential sire within our program and his progeny have been in great demand with our clients. In 2012 a son sold for our Annual Bull Sale record at $21,000.


Between 2009 and 2012, progeny stemming from our homebred sire Vision Y329 have been the highest selling lots in many sales around the country. He is leased to ABS Australia and now has progeny in the United States, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.


2013 saw progeny of our imported sire Wulfs Waldo dominate the Limousin National Show and Sale. His daughters were awarded  both the Junior & Grand & Senior Champion Female awards. These females went on to sell for $14,000 and $9,000 respectively. In late 2013 a 2 1/2 month old ET daughter of Waldo was the highest selling lot in the PRL Limousin Stud dispersal at $9,000.

Our search for top Limousin genetics led us to the homozygous polled Canadian import B Bar Cognac. We hold exclusive Australian rights on the bull & his first progeny will sell in 2018. They are powerful, muscular cattle with good structural soundness, added scrotal development & a fantastic Limousin type.


We will also offer our second run of Angus bulls to sell at auction in our 2018 sale. Maternal genetics from the well known Millah Murrah Angus herd feature heavily within the pedigrees on many of the bulls. Sire lines include the proven calving ease sire EF Complement, Matauri Reality & the growth & powerful phenotype bulls Millah Murrah Kingdom & Highlander of Stern.

We are passionate about the Beef Industry and strive to produce both Limousin & Angus cattle that can handle Australia’s tough conditions, while consistently producing a quality, healthy product for the consumer.