limousin assurance program

The Mandayen Limousin Stud is a member of the Limousin Assurance Program.

The basic requirements to participate in the LAP are that members score their calves for docility, warrant the fertility and docility of their sale animals and transfer animals to buyers on request.

The LAP is a quality assurance program which allows Limousin members to provide information (pedigrees and EBVs) and standard warranties for animals offered for sale. Docility scoring which allows the calculation of EBVs for docility is an integral part of the LAP.

A full description of the Limousin Assurance Program including warranties is available from the ALBS office on Telephone (02) 6771 1648, fax: (02) 6772 9364 or email:

  • Pedigree Registered
  • Fertility Warranty
  • Docility Scored
  • Soundness Warranty
  • Docility Warranty
  • EBVs for growth, docility, fertility & carcase
  • Standard Limousin $Indexes